Welcome to Kuwait and to the…

TIES Center!
Kuwait is a vibrant, friendly, and exciting country with beautiful traditions, and rich heritage. Kuwaitis, in particular, and Arabs, in general, are known for their generosity and hospitality. The TIES Center hopes your stay in Kuwait will be enjoyable and memorable.
TIES staff and volunteers, some of whom are Western expatriates, have lived in Kuwait for many years and ready to assist you in your efforts to settle in this peaceful land. They are also available to answer your questions about the local culture, in particular, and the Arabs and Muslims culture, in general, as well as share basic information about Islam for those who are interested.
Visit TIES if you would like to participate in any of the following:  
* Arabic language classes 
* Arabic calligraphy workshops 
* Cooking classes that include local and international cuisine 
* General information about Islam
* Recitation and memorization of the Noble Qur’an 
* Tours to various places of interest in Kuwait 
* Marriage and parenting courses and counselling 
* Lectures and seminars on personal development 
* Information about Kuwaiti law
* Celebrating Islamic holidays 
We hope to be among those who have had the honor of welcoming you to Kuwait and to assist in making your stay in Kuwait interesting, comfortable, and memorable. For more information, please visit www.tiescenter.net, email us at ties@tawasul.com.kw or call us at 25231015/6. Stop by for a visit!  We are located in Al-Shuhada Area, Block 4, St. 413, Villa 67. Check Google maps for the exact location.
Best wishes from,
Hassan Taha Bwambale - TIES Manager